Business Trips to China

One of the key activities of the Slovak Sino Chamber of Commerce is planning, organizing regular business trips to various major cities across China. As the purchasing power in China has been rising significantly, the Chinese market is becoming increasingly attractive for western countries producing high-end and luxury products. This, in addition to large manufacturing base in China, it makes it an attractive destination for both exporters of goods from Slovakia and those seeking manufacturers in China. Another key focus of the business trips is seeking partners for cooperation, investment as also Chinese companies and organizations are increasingly looking outwards for new opportunities.

Through these business trips, our members and partners get a unique opportunity to meet relevant companies and organizations that are relevant to their needs. Each of these trips is carefully planned, with a specific purpose and target to ensure relevant parties meet and establish meaningful and relevant partnerships.

Exhibitions and Trade Fairs in China

Each year, hundreds of exhibitions and trade fairs are organized across many cities in China. Most of these are organized on annual basis, with a specific theme and target group, and attract companies and organizations from across the globe. Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao are just some of the most popular places for trade fairs and exhibitions but depending on the industry and area of interest, one can find other cities for the most suitable event.

Slovak Sino Chamber of Commerce is cooperating with multiple organizations on-site and gathers information on the upcoming trade fairs and exhibitions.

Chinese Language Courses

Chinese language is becoming an increasingly important and demanded language across the globe, as China is playing an increasingly important role in the global economical and political landscape. Slovak Sino Chamber of Commerce cooperates with institutions both in Slovakia and China dedicated to teaching of Chinese language.

Interpreter and Translator Services

In order to have the most efficient and effective meetings, one must ensure there are no language barriers to avoid any potential misunderstandings. Despite the improving language capabilities on both sides, there is still a need for professional interpreters, especially in high-level official meetings.
Another area where we see a strong demand for translators is during preparation for meetings, trade fairs and exhibitions, where a local language translation of materials is very helpful.

Mediation of Legal Services

When dealing with local companies and institutions we can introduce well established and well renowned legal services companies to provide you with legal advice and assistance along any part of the project.

Matchmaking Services

Successful cooperation starts with identification of suitable partners and relevant organizations. This is where we can offer our extensive experience and network across multiple industries and organizations.


There are many opportunities between Slovakia and China, but often times lack of experience or knowledge of the local market and customs can sometimes slow down the progress.
Knowledge of the local market, legal framework, tax system and local institutions is essential to success.

Business Ethics

As each country has its unique history, culture, traditions, all of this reflects in the business etiquette which differs from country to country but especially from one continent to another. Knowledge of the local customs and business practices are crucial for successful and pleasant meetings on the way to establish cooperation. With years of experience from both countries, we can provide information and advise on the business etiquette, to help prepare and manage your meetings.


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