President of the Slovak Sino Chamber of Commerce, Peter Paulen and the Minister of Economy of Slovakia, Peter Ziga have participated in the first major international meeting in Beijing since the 19th Party Congress of the CCP. The event was attended by 600 international guests, representing 300 political parties from 120 countries from around the world.

The meeting also included a presentation from the newly re-elected general secretary, Xi Jinping and key focus of the event was to present the priorities of the Chinese forein policy and to provide more information and support for the „One Belt One Road“ initiative. President Xi emphasized the following key areas during his presentation:

  • Building a better world with foreign parties: CPC is committed to striving for world peace and development, and the interactions among different countries and people will create favorable conditions for building a community of shared future for humankind.
  • New model of party-to-party relations: A new model was proposed for party-to-party relations, in which political parties seek common grounds while shelving differences, respect and learn from each other. In the next five years, the CPC would like to invite 15,000 members of foreign political parties to China for exchanges.
  • China will not „Export“ the Chinese model: CPC will not import foreign models of development and will not export the Chinese model.

Peter Ziga and Peter Paulen also had a presentation at the event, and have emphasized the importance of Slovakia in the One Belt One Road initiative, primarily due to our location, existing infrastructure and plans to further build an advanced international intermodal terminal in Eastern Slovakia.